The Family

Welcome to Cali Auto, we're excited to meet you and learn more about your Porsche®! Our team is small – just the two of us and a few rescued animals (Louie, Rocker, and Porsche). Highly educated, incredibly dedicated, always excited to meet new friends, and in love with all things Porsche®. We look forward to welcoming you to our new shop!

The Mechanic

Scott has an amazing career history spanning more than 40 years specializing exclusively in Porsche® repair. This 100% dedication to his trade has gained him an invaluable factory-trained knowledge base and level of experience rarely found in the automotive industry.

Mix Scott’s strong work ethic with a passion for meticulous attention to detail and enthusiasm for working on Porsche® – it is easy to see why Cali Auto exudes a unique experience that takes many of our clients by pleasant surprise.


Porsche Premier Technician
Engine Repair
Suspension and Steering
Electronic/Electronic Systems
Heating and Air Conditioning
Engine Performance
Manual Transmissions
Automatic Transmissions
ASE Certifications/Certified Master Technician


Porsche® Certified Factory Training Classes:

Meticulous Canvas Replacement: 993, 986, 996 and 997
P001: General Servicing and Repair – Sports Cars
P03: Servicing/General Repair
P10: Engine Repair
P10C: Cayenne Engine Repair V8 and V6
P10L: Air-Cooled Engine Repair
P10T: 911 Turbo, GT2 and GT3 Engine Repair
P10W: 911 Carrera and Boxster Engine Repair
P10W – Gen II: Water Cooled Engine Repair
P21: Fuel and Ignition
P25: Advanced Engine Diagnosis and Repair
P30: Transmission Repair
P30G: 6 Speed Manual Transmission
P40: Chassis, Steering, Braking and Alignment
P60: Tops and Body Adjustments
P80: Climate Control System and Repair
P90: Electrical Diagnosis
P95: Advanced Electrical Diagnosis
New Product – Boxster
Cayenne Introduction
MY09 Gen II: 997 New Model Introduction

The Operations Master

Megan handles all office administration, marketing, and client relations. This allows Scott the freedom to focus 100% of his efforts working in the shop, and allows her the freedom to do what she loves best – running the office!

Always having a strong need to streamline processes and organize everything from a single kitchen cabinet to an entire architectural library and related electronic files, Megan has over 30 years of executive administrative assistant experience as well as a strong financial background running a successful mortgage brokerage. All of this, in addition to her B.S. degree in Business Management, allows Cali Auto to run efficiently and effectively.